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Zero Percent Commission

Say No to profit-draining middlemen & take back control of your business. Keep every penny where it belongs – in your pocket. Welcome to a Commission-Free Revolution that will shake the very foundations of the food industry!

Why we charge 0% commission ?

The power of zero

Why burden hard-working individuals like you with unnecessary commission charges? We believe in supporting your dreams & ambitions without taking a single dime from your hard-earned profits.

Empowering food businesses

Break Free from the chains that hold your business captive and stand tall against unfair commission charges. It's time to reclaim your autonomy and build a path to success on your own terms.

Corporate social responsibility

As advocates of corporate social responsibility, we refuse to turn a blind eye to the unfair commission practices suffered by restaurant owners like you. Raise your voice and keep what is rightfully yours; your money.

Championing start-ups

We understand your struggles & aspirations. Together, let’s build a sustainable future where start-ups thrive without the burden of excessive costs & financial limitations.

Join the
commission-free revolution!

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